Scott Maslen loves ‘deeper’ Enders’ storyline

Scott Maslen has confessed he is really enjoying his EastEnders‘ alter ego, Jack Branning’s grief.

Jack is devastated by the death of his baby son James, and the fact his wife Ronnie hid the truth from him by swapping the child with Kat Moon’s offspring Tommy, but Scott is relishing the opportunity to get his teeth into a juicy storyline.

He told TV Choice: “It’s been brilliant. I’ve always been involved in big storylines but this time I’ve had a chance to show a different side to Jack and I think people are going to empathise with him.

“He was initially ‘Jack the lad’, but we’ve gone deeper with him now so hopefully that opens up myriad opportunities for the writers to explore his character.”

Scott also revealed that Jack will regret taking his frustrations out on brother Max next week: “When you’ve had a massive thing happen to you like losing your kid, you aren’t thinking straight at all.

“Lashing out and hitting people isn’t acceptable, but it happens because he isn’t in a normal head space and he’s a loose cannon.

“Jack regrets it because he loves his brother and they’re developing quite a strong bond after being estranged for so long.

“He hates himself for what he’s done because it was fuelled by booze.”

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