Scott Maslen: ‘We deserve to win for live episode’

EastEnders star Scott Maslen said it would be ‘justifiably so’ if the 25th anniversay live episode won best single episode at the British Soap Awards.

The actor, who plays Jack Branning, told on the red carpet that despite the fact he ‘dried’ during the live show, the episode was brilliant.

“As a performance goes, for the lot of them in there, it was brilliant… You do realise, only in those moments before it’s goes, that it’s actually going live. In rehearsals and stuff you know it’s going to be live, but it’s not, so everyone’s good and on it…

“I’d done two other lives at The Bill. I should have been a veteran. I was telling people to relax and be calm, but it was me that went ‘durrrrr’!”

*Scott won best actor and sexiest male at the soap awards, while the live episode won best single episode.

Watch Scott Maslen talk about the live EastEnders episode

*The British Soap Awards screen in full on ITV1 on Wednesday, May 19 at 8pm