Sean is back – and ready to be a dad

After weeks away Sean stumbles back into the Vic looking for Roxy. Eastenders actor Rob Kazinsky says he’s even more screwed up than when he left…

How is Sean when he returns?

“Sean’s properly lost it when he arrives back. He’s been chipping about, taking drugs, living on the streets and hanging out with prostitutes. He’s all over the place in his head.”

Why has he come back?

“While he’s been away he’s sort of has his last mental blow out. Despite his initial messed-up state, he feels it’s time to grow up. What matters most to him now is finding Roxy and telling her he’s ready to be a dad.”

But how will he find her?

“He finds out Ronnie is back and is furious that no one has told him. But she doesn’t know where Roxy is either…”

When he realises Peggy know where she is, he takes it out on Billy – does that get him anywhere?

“He’s sure they’ve gone to find Roxy and when Billy refuses to tell him anything he gets heavy. He hears baby William crying upstairs and goes up and takes him from his cot… then he gives Billy and Honey two choices: “One – you give me the address. Two – well, figure it out.”

That doesn’t sound like good dad behaviour…

“But then Sean realises that William has stopped crying and as he looks down at him he starts to falter. Suddenly he tells them that Roxy is having his baby and she’s gone. Sean tells them he needs the address, he is going to be a dad. And finally Billy concedes – he tells Sean he only knows the town, it’s Weymouth, and Sean passes William back.”

So what happens in Weymouth?

“The Weymouth scenes are good. I was getting sick of Sean being nasty all the time… now, at last, viewers will see another side to him.”

Aaah… if he doesn’t melt Roxy’s heart no one will!