Shane Richie confirms that Kat and Alfie Moon spin-off Redwater won't return as fans wonder about the fate of Alfie...

Shane Richiehas spoken to Soaplife about what’s in store for Alfie Moon and recording a new album!

What’s the story?

It’s not every evening you get to sit in the Bag O’ Nails nightclub in London’s Soho, famous hangout of The Beatles and other 1960s music legends, to watch a soap legend strutting his stuff. But Shane Richie is here and he’s wowing the crowd with four tunes from his new country music album, A Country Soul, which will be released in November.

“This is the most excited I’ve been about a project for years and years,” Shane told Soaplife. “I love the new country music that’s so big in the US right now, plus this is me going back to my roots. I first sang and toured with bands as a teenager, and I grew up with music as my dad used to run Irish clubs in Harlesden, in Essex. Alfie Moon doing country, eh? Who’d have thought it?” Who indeed?

Shane Richie has revealed all to Soaplife about the future of Alfie and his new album

Soaplife: We have to ask you about Alfie Moon!

Shane Richie: “Alfie’s dead, love. Sorry!”

S: What? Is he really?

SR: “I’m joking! I don’t know what’s going to happen with Alfie or Kat. If you saw the last episode of RedWater, you’ll remember that, at the end, Alfie was flatlining – thanks BBC – while Kat had been eaten by a motorboat engine or something! So… it’s up to the BBC to decide what happens to them next! But there won’t be a second series of RedWater.”

S: How did the album come about, Shane?

SR: “It all started when Jessie Wallace and I were filming RedWater in Ireland. We’d often go and see local bands perform and I rediscovered my love of country and new country music through that. It’s very big in Ireland. Anyway, when I got back, I decided to start funding an album myself. It wasn’t really working out, but then I did a Daryl Hall and John Oates song on Children in Need with Spandau Ballet’s Tony Hadley. After that, someone said did I fancy doing an album?”

A country Lifejpg

Shane Richie says his new album’s roots are in Ireland…

S: Like Bradley Walsh – who’s had massive success with his record!

SR: “Funny you should mention Bradley! At one of the meetings I had, it was suggested that I do swing music. But I said, ‘Err, I think my mate’s got that covered!’ Then it was mooted that I sing songs from the shows. But I said, ‘There’s a certain northern comic called Jason Manford who’s done that’. I wanted to do a genre of music that really means something to me and is in my heart and soul – hence A Country Soul.”

S: Have you written the songs or are they covers?

SR: “It’s a mix. There are songs like I Loved Her First, about a father’s feelings for his daughter, who’s about to get married. As the dad of two daughters myself, I found that difficult to record because the words are so poignant. My girls are only six and nine, but I can imagine how I’ll feel when I’m no longer the most important man in their lives. On a more upbeat note, there are songs like Wave On Wave, co-written and recorded by American country artist Pat Green. Plus, there are some originals on it, too. The first single is one – it’s called Shut Up (’Cause All I Want Is You).”

S: That sounds intriguing!

SR: “There’s quite a funny story to it, actually. Around July time, my wife, Christie, was in Spain with our three kids, and Jake, one of my sons from my first marriage and also the lead singer with the band Rixton, called me and asked me if I’d seen Facebook that day. I said I hadn’t and he replied that I’d clearly forgotten our 10th wedding anniversary as Christie had put up this beautiful, heartfelt post. I called her and said, ‘Happy anniversary’ but she immediately knew I’d forgotten. Anyway…”

S: Yes? Go on…

SR: “I told her I was feeling a bit insecure. I’m 53 and a bit overweight, Christie is 15 years younger than me and absolutely gorgeous. What did she see in me? So she said.

S: ‘Shut up! All I want is you!’

SR: “Yes! I thought, ‘There’s a song in that’ and I sat down with Jake and the producer of the album, Nick Southwood, and we wrote it. I’m really proud of it and it’s a really catchy tune. Once you hear it, you just can’t stop singing it.”

S: Will you be touring the album?

SR: “I’ll certainly be doing all the promotional stuff I can. I’ll be going on The One Show, This Morning and maybe even Loose Women, or rather The Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse, as I call it. I’ll get to see the ex-wife, Coleen Nolan! But I definitely won’t be doing Dancing on Ice or I’m a Celebrity… I really hope people like the album. If they do, it’s by Shane Richie, if they don’t, it’s by Nick Knowles, who also recently recorded an album. Look, making music may be a hobby for him, but it’s my livelihood!”


S: What’s next for you?

SR: I’m doing panto again this Christmas. It’s Robin Hood in Woking. I’m hoping to persuade Liam Gallagher to join me. I think he’d make a fantastic Sheriff of Nottingham!”