Returning EastEnders favourite Sharon Watts makes her comeback to Albert Square – in her wedding dress.

The character, played by Letitia Dean, reappears in the show after apparently hot-footing it from her latest marriage ceremony to seek the help of Phil Mitchell.

Sharon is coming back to the show next month after seven years away, as show bosses prepare to screen seven episodes during one explosive week.

Sharon makes her EastEnders comeback as the programme returns to BBC1 after switching to BBC2 from Monday for the duration of the Olympics.

Programme chiefs are keeping tight-lipped about the plot, but the first official pictures of Sharon returning to the soap show her in her white outfit.

And the BBC said she returns – during the week of August 13 – in ‘desperate need of Phil’s help’. And at the same time Phil’s world begins to unravel as his girlfriend Shirley uncovers the truth about who killed her friend Heather.

Lorraine Newman, executive producer of the show, said: “An exciting week packed full of dramatic twists and turns lies ahead for the audience and the justice they have been desperately waiting for has finally arrived.”

BBC1 controller Danny Cohen said: “Following the Olympics on BBC1, viewers can look forward to more TV gold on the channel as EastEnders returns home for seven explosive episodes in one week and Sharon’s dramatic return to the square. Not to be missed.”