Someone cut your hair in the dark, Chelsea?

This week, Sean takes shocking revenge – and Chelsea’s terrified that it’s just the start, says EastEnders star Tiana Benjamin.

Deano’s already had his taste of Sean’s fury… What will he do to Chelsea?

“Chelsea has no idea what Sean is going to do, but she knows it’ll be bad! She’s scared, but she’s not one to run away from trouble. She’s going to take what’s coming to her. Deep down she knows she deserves it!”

She sure does. But how does Sean do it?

“He’s really clever. He picks on Chelsea’s vanity. He creeps into the house in the middle of the night and chops off her hair. I had to have my hair cut for real and when I saw it in the script, I was like ‘Wow, we’re really going to go for it’. What makes it so unsettling is that Chelsea is fast asleep when Sean attacks. She doesn’t know it’s happened until she wakes up in the morning and sees her hair all over the pillow. She’s really disturbed by it and the worst thing is she can’t prove it was Sean.”

But is it enough – or is there more to come?

“Chelsea fears this is war. She’s really scared, but she’ll stand her ground. I have a feeling this is going to run and run.”

But Sean’s not her only problem. Chelsea is also struggling with the huge rift that’s developed between her and Denise…

“Chelsea feels really bad about what she’s done. She knows she has to take responsibility for her actions, but she’s devastated at the damage it’s caused to her relationship with her mum.”

So, the only person Chelsea can turn to is Deano…

“They’ve got close over this and Chelsea does care about him. She felt awful when Sean’s heavies beat him up and she doesn’t want to see him suffer any more. They’re going to need one another’s support as they’re in for a rough ride…”

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