EastEnders star Jake Wood has revealed that Max Branning and Stacey Slater will feature in a special episode focusing on the pair very soon.

The actor has recently signed to the soap for another year and a half and his on-screen son Bradley dramatically died in the live episode on Friday.

Jake told Phillip Schofield on This Morning that there are big things coming up for his character.

He said: “Yes. Specifically big things between Max and Stacey. I know that there’s a two-handed episode between those two characters coming up which is going to be filmed very shortly, and go out very quickly.

“That’s an exclusive – I got the nod to be able to tell you that this morning. And I’m very excited about doing it, I love working with Lacey, she’s an incredible actress and the stuff between them will be all related to this I guess.”

Phil also asked the actor about the moment in the live episode where he was shown sticking his fingers down his throat after Bradley died.

Jake said: “Well it was in the script that Max saw Bradley lying dead and was sick, so at some point we talked about putting the liquid in my mouth then realise we’d have no time to do that.

“But to me [what I did] felt very real, if you were going to be sick anyway that you might do that, to get it all out.”

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