EastEnders stars Lacey Turner and Charlie Clements talk to us about Stacey and Bradley getting back together this Christmas.

Did you want them to end up together again?
Charlie: “Yes I did. When Stacey and Bradley were apart, all people asked me was ‘When are they going to get back together?’ So it’s nice not to disappoint them. I love working with Lacey too.”

Lacey: “It’s true. The nation wanted to see them back together. I did too.”

What’s your off-screen relationship like?
Lacey: “We’re really good mates in real-life. I really missed Charlie when Bradley and Stacey were apart. We can always have a laugh together.”

Charlie: “It’s easy working with Lacey. We bounce off each other. We instinctively know what the other is going to do.”

Will things work out between Bradley and Stacey now?
Charlie: “It’s the right time for them to give it another go. They’ve both grown up a lot and Bradley is definitely over her fling with Max. He has to be for the storyline to work! As for happily ever after…does that ever happen in soaps?”

Lacey: “Being with Bradley is the best Christmas present Stacey could ask for and she deserves it. Bradley is her first true love and I think she’s realised that more over the past few months. She’s grown-up too.”

What’s your favourite moment in their history?
Lacey: “Definitely the big Christmas reveal when the DVD of her and Max was played. It was so brilliantly written and the build up was like a bomb waiting to go off.”

Charlie: “I like it when Bradley shows his dark side. There are times when he can be quite cold. I think that came out when he dumped Lacey and dated his work mate Lydia. He was horrible to her!”

And your least favourite?
Lacey: “I didn’t really enjoy filming the wedding. The dress was so tight, I had to undo the zip whenever I ate anything and somebody spent a whole hour doing my hair. It made me think I never want to get married in real life.”

Charlie: “It’s all been good, but I did miss being with the Slater family when Bradley and Stacey split up. It feels as if Bradley belongs with Charlie, Mo and Jean.”

What are you doing for Christmas?
Lacey: “I’ll be spending it with my family. We will all meet up with some friends and go to a lovely restaurant near home. It’s great to go out as it means nobody is stuck doing the cooking. I’ll then visit some friends and family before heading home to watch some Christmas TV.”

Charlie: “I’ll be going back home to my family for Christmas. We’ll have lunch at a friend’s house and then I’m staying with my parents for a few days. I’m really looking forward to it.”

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