Stacey & Bradley: Wedded bliss?

Will it be happy ever after for EastEndersStacey Slater and Bradley Branning? Stars Lacey Turner and Charlie Clements have their doubts…

Lacey, is Stacey having any last-minute wedding doubts?

“Lots! She does love Bradley but Max is making it hard. He’s taking every opportunity to let her know how he feels about her. There are lots of looks and lots of comments – but worse he actually asks Stacey to give it a go with him and she really struggles with her feelings…”

Is Stacey marrying Bradley to avoid Max?

“Absolutely. In her mind, it’s a way of finishing the affair. She thinks once she’s married to Bradley that Max will back off and she’ll be able to move on.”

Stacey loses her phone and Max continues to text her… Who has it?

“Her mum Jean. Then Jean tells Sean that she’s somehow got two mobiles and he takes Stacey’s and checks her texts. He sees the texts from Jerry, the name Max always uses.”

What does Sean do?

“He confronts Stacey on her hen night and wants to know who Jerry is. She says it was the married bloke she was seeing and he’s hassling her a bit. Sean’s disappointed and gives her a bit of a lecture.”

Is she worried Sean will find out it’s Max?

“No, but she should be… as she leaves her hen night Max follows her and tries it on again. She tells him it’s over and she’s marrying Bradley – and Sean is hearing every word!”

What will Sean do with the information?

“Stacey’s the one person who Sean really cares about so he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. Max should be worried though…”

Is there any chance Stacey might call the wedding off and tell Bradley?

“I don’t think she’d have the heart to do that to Bradley… although some might say she hasn’t got a heart if she doesn’t tell him…”

What do you think?

“She shouldn’t be marrying at 18. I liked it before when she was loud and mouthy. I want her to go back to being a nutter!”

Charlie, how is Bradley feeling in the run-up to the wedding?

“He’s a bit nervous about his speech and whether or not Stacey will turn up. He knows Stacey doesn’t love him the way he loves her but he thinks if he can get that ring on her finger it’ll all be OK.”

How does Stacey seem to him?

“He can see she’s a bit stressed by all the preparations but he thinks that’s normal. He hasn’t got a clue anything’s going on, but why would he? You don’t expect your fiancée to be going off with your dad, do you?”

Sean finds out about Max and Stacey. Do you think he’ll stop the wedding?

“He might… or he might not!”

Who would Bradley hate most if the truth came out – Stacey or Max?

“Max because he’s his dad and dads just don’t do that – or at least they’re not supposed to! Bradley would want to kill him. It’d mean his relationship with his father is fake.”

Would he still marry Stacey if he knew?

“No way!”

What would he do if Stacey confessed?

“I don’t think he’d forgive her. You can’t marry a woman who’s been to bed with your dad!”

What will Bradley do if he marries her then finds out the truth later?

“He’d go a bit mental! Bradley’s got another side and Stacey would definitely be seeing it if she owned up. I’d really like it if we got to see more of his dark side.”

Is he capable of violence?

“I think he would definitely be violent towards Max. I’m not so sure about Stacey.”

Would you like the truth to come out before or after the wedding?

“It would be best for Bradley if it came out before but in terms of drama it would be interesting if they got married first. Either way it’s going to be explosive!”

What do fans think Bradley should do?

“When I’m out people shout ‘Oi Bradley! Your girlfriend’s sleeping with your dad!’ They want him to find out and give Max what’s coming!”

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