Stacey plays dirty to get her man

EastEnders’ Stacy Slater is learning fast how to play Max Branning at his own game – and she’ll use every trick in the book to get him! Lacey Turner dishes the dirt

Stacey used to be Albert Square’s tough cookie. What’s changed?

“Stacey never expected to fall for Max. It was a ploy to get revenge on Bradley but she has got in deeper than she ever thought she would.”

What does Max have that Bradley doesn’t?

“Max makes her feel special. He’s sexy and exciting. He’s not a boy like Bradley, he’s a grown-up and Stacey likes that.”

It’s all getting a bit complicated though, isn’t it?

“The trouble is, Max is married and Stacey is getting sick of being second best. She wants Max to herself and Stacey is the sort of girl who will do anything to get what she wants.”

Does that include using Bradley?

“Max is messing her around so she tells him she deserves more and that she can’t see him later that night as she’s seeing Bradley. She’s not exactly using Bradley but it does make Max sit up and take notice. He books a hotel for them but she still turns him down.”

Surely Max has another plan up his sleeve to win Stacey round?

“As she walks away from him he whips out the brochure and tells her that he’s been thinking about the future and he sees himself with her. That he wants to move to a villa with her.”

And does she fall for it?

“Totally. She’s really excited and really believes he means it.”

What about poor Bradley. It’s obvious he still loves Stacey. Does she feel anything for him at all?

“There is still something there but it’s definitely Max she loves now.”

If Max doesn’t keep his word and leave Tanya would Stacey go as far as to tell her?

“It’s not come to that yet. Right now she’d love Tanya to find out but she knows she can’t tell her outright as she’d risk losing Max for good…”