Stacey wants to roll out the unwelcome mat after her baby’s born on EastEnders

It’s not quite the Nativity that Stacey expects when she gives birth while watching Lily perform in the play on EastEnders next week. When she gets home with her new son, Arthur, she has her very own crib scene, with visitors bearing gifts.

But it’s not a very happy scene for Stacey, as she’s trying to hide the fact Kush is the boy’s father.


It’s not gold Kush’s mum Carmel brings, even though she’s wearing enough of it. And it’s the last thing Stacey wants, being reminded of the baby’s granny!


Will Shabnam cotton on to their secret, even though she has more pressing problems of her own?


Carmel is worried about Shabnam learning the truth and what it will do to the family.


Shabnam wants to talk to Stacey… But what exactly is on her mind?


Will Arthur’s first Christmas be full of drama? Of course it will! Watch EastEnders on BBC1 from Monday, 21 December


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