EastEnders’ Lacey Turner warns that Stacey is heading from bad to worse when Bradley abandons her!

Stacey has secretly stopped taking her medication… Why?
“She‘s in denial about everything and convincing herself that she doesn’t need any medication. She doesn’t want to be like her mum and is determined to prove there’s nothing wrong with her.”

How long has this been going on?
“She hasn’t been taking the tablets for a while… She’s either been hiding them inside her photo album or throwing them down a drain.”

Was it before or after that heart-to-heart when Bradley said he regretted they’d aborted their baby three years ago?
“It’s implied that it has been since she’s seen the doctor. The talk with Bradley didn’t help though.”

Is there a chance it was the trauma of the abortion that set off her bipolar disorder?
“I don’t think you can put what Stacey is going through down to one thing, it’s a combination of many things that have happened to her, plus an underlying medical condition.”

How does she end up in bed with Ryan?
“She enters a Miss Queen Vic competition and does a very unsettling pretend strip, then she goes back to Ryan’s place. They sleep together but the next morning she makes it clear it was a one-off and he’s not happy.”

She’s distraught when she finds out Ryan’s done a deal with the market inspector to take over her stall. Is Ryan out for revenge?
“Stacey thinks he planned it all but he denies it. She then starts acting even more erratically and is convinced Ryan’s evil.”

We’ve all seen the pictures of Stacey at Trina’s funeral, jumping in the grave. What’s all that about?
“It’s a culmination of things that will all become clear over the coming weeks. Her behaviour becomes more and more unpredictable as she continues to avoid taking her medication.”

Even Bradley seems to have had enough of her… What does she do to force him to abandon her?
“He’s only trying to help by talking to Jean but she feels he’s gone behind her back. They row and Bradley tells her she doesn’t mean anything to him any more. She’s really hurt…”

It seems to us they actually still love each other…
“I think Stacey and Bradley will always have feelings for each other as they’ve been through so much together. Bradley was Stacey’s first love, but I don’t think Stacey thinks there is a chance for them right now.”

Things keep getting worse for Stacey… Is it all building towards a terrible climax?
“All I’m saying is there are lots of twists and turns to come.”

Apart from her medication, what else can help Stacey rebuild her life? Bradley?!
“She needs to get to grips with her condition and take her medication. Then she can move forward, maintain relationships and control her emotions.”

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