Steve John Shepherd: ‘EastEnders is brilliant training, but very difficult’

Michael Moon has said he will never regret taking on the role of villain Michael Moon in EastEnders.

The actor has bowed out of EastEnders after three years, with Michael being killed off in a grizzly Halloween murder plot.

Steve was asked on BBC Breakfast if he will always be remembered as Michael now he has starred in the BBC soap.

He admitted: “It is always a risk, but to not have played him would have been a mistake because I have really enjoyed it and I think and hope lots of people have enjoyed watching him.

“The fact that he may stick in the mind is possibly a good thing.”

The former This Life star also confessed he had found EastEnders hard work, but it had all been worth it.

Steve said: “It is brilliant fun, but unbelievably hard work. It is the hardest job in showbusiness because of the sheer volume, the amount of stuff you have to do, the amount of changes in emotion and the huge jumps – you might murder somebody in the morning and then win the lottery in the afternoon.

“You have to do this huge technical leap. It is brilliant training, but very difficult.”


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