Syed’s love lies!

EastEnders’ Marc Elliott reveals that Syed could lose Christian forever when Amira uncovers his lies!

Why is Syed still having a relationship with Christian?

“He is unavoidably attracted to him.”

Why won’t he come out?

“It would make him a bad Muslim and he thinks his family would disown him. He’s lost them once and he doesn’t want it to happen again.”

Is it religion or family that Syed fears most?

“Both. He’s so confused. He’s being driven by lust but he also wants to be a good Muslim and make his family proud. He wants to marry Amira and have children because he thinks it’s what he should do.”

As a Muslim, what does he think his punishment will be for being gay?

“He thinks he’s going to burn in hell.”

What does he think will happen once he’s married?

“That it will be the final nail in the coffin with Christian and that his feelings will fade – but obviously he’s kidding himself.”

Does he feel guilty about Amira?

“He’s managed to separate the two. He hasn’t had sex with Amira and with Christian it’s purely carnal.”

Why does he lie to Christian about a sex ban during Ramadan?

“Because he wants to see if he can do without the sex. It’s like an alcoholic trying to give up drink. He really wants to be ‘normal’. So he tells Christian that, as a Muslim, he can’t have sex during the fasting period, Ramadan.”

How does Christian find out he’s lying to him?

“Christian gets chatting to Amira and says he doesn’t know how Muslims cope without sex. She explains it’s only between dawn and dusk…”

How upset is Christian?

“He’s shocked. He tells Syed that, if he works out how he really feels, he’ll be waiting at the flat for him after dark…”

Does Syed realise how serious it is… that he could lose Christian if he makes the wrong decision?

“I don’t think he’s seen things from Christian’s side but he’s about to… and he’s going to realise his feelings for Christian run deeper than he thought.”

Is this storyline realistic?

“I actually got a letter from a gay Muslim who was in the same situation as Syed 10 years ago. He told his family and now they’ve accepted him and his partner. I have had lots of lovely letters and, surprisingly, no bad feedback at all.”

Will Syed ever out himself?

“Absolutely not. That will only happen if somebody else does it for him.”

How would you advise Syed?

“To be true to himself. Go with his heart and be with Christian.”

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