Tabloid claims EastEnders’ Danny Dyer has been caught cheating again

EastEnders star Danny Dyer has been caught in yet another kiss and tell, according to a Sunday paper.

Danny Dyer was reportedly pictured naked by a starstruck 21-year-old as he spent the night with her.

The actor, who plays Queen Vic landlord Mick Carter, met the brunette at a club and they went back to her place. The pair swapped numbers after their night together a month ago and the student hoped Danny, 36, would contact her again. But he didn’t.

She showed the mobile pictures to a friend and they have since been shown to the Sunday Mirror.

Danny has previously admitted to betraying girlfriend Joanne Mas, the mother of his three children. They have been together 19 years.

A friend close to the girl – who didn’t want to be named – said: “Danny clearly fancied her. Of course she recognised him straight away. She certainly fancied him, too. They had a few drinks and when it got late they decided to leave together.

“It really isn’t the sort of thing that she would normally do, and she certainly wouldn’t have taken pictures with a man, but was a bit starstruck.

“She was disappointed at not hearing from him afterwards.

“At the time she had no idea Danny was in a relationship, but now she knows he is she realises it will be never anything other than a one night stand.”

In EastEnders, Danny plays the fiercely loyal family man Mick, which has won him a legion of fans. But in 2009 he admitted to cheating on Joanne, saying: “I’ve done so many things I’ve regretted.

“I’ve royally f***** up with my missus. I got caught doing something I shouldn’t have.

“I hate myself for what I did and for being tempted by forbidden fruit.”

Then last year in an interview with the Daily Mirror, the actor claimed that, although he was never short of female admirers, he was not a cheat.

Asked about rumours that he had cheated on Joanne again, Dyer said: “Of course I f*****’ haven’t.

“Jo is my baby, she’s the mother of my f*****’ children and she’s my f*****’ rock.

“I have birds throwing themselves at me every f****** day I leave the house – of course I do. I like the power of it.

“As long as I don’t go there, it’s fine.”

Danny has made no comment, but his scheduled appearance at a book signing has been cancelled.