Tamwar gets EastEnders spin-off!

It’s been a tough few years for Tamwar Masood in EastEnders with all the family strife going on around him, and now you can see what a difficult job he has as Walford’s assistant market inspector.

The character will be getting his own special episode of EastEnders, called Tamwar Tales – The Life of An Assistant Market Inspector, to be shown from 25 July exclusively on the EastEnders website

You’ll be able to hear what Tamwar’s really thinking as he endures all the excuses, teasing and daily hassles from his regular stallholders.

Things get quite dramatic too, as he averts a security incident caused by Kim, encounters his dad fly-pitching, Harlem Shakes with Fatboy and then, when he meets Jean, things take an unexpected turn…

Himesh Patel, who’s played Tamwar in EastEnders since 2007, commented: “It was really fun working on the four shorts. It was like taking a character that we know and putting him in a different genre. Viewers who are fans of Tamwar will finally get a look inside his head.”

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