Tamzin Outhwaite believes only Phil Mitchell or Ian Beale could bring her back to EastEnders.

The 39-year-old actress hasn’t ruled out returning to Albert Square, but points out her character Mel Owen only knows Phil and Ian.

Tamzin explained: “I don’t know how Mel would return because there’s no one there for her to return to. She doesn’t really know anyone apart from Ian Beale and Phil Mitchell. So unless she was coming back to see one of them…”

But Mel has unfinished business with Phil, who stood her £30,000 bail when husband Steve set her up for drug dealing, only for her to skip the country leaving Phil the £30,000 out of pocket.

Tamzin admits she would like to come back to the soap – one day.

She revealed: “I’ve never officially been asked. I wouldn’t see it as a bad thing but, at the moment, it’s not something that I’m looking into.”