Tanya’s keeping it in the family

Yes he’s cute, yes he’s sexy… but yes he’s her husband’s brother and EastEnders’ Tanya will regret it! Actress Jo Joyner tells us more…

When Jack has to choose between Tanya and Ronnie, the chemistry between Jack and Tanya is obvious, isn’t it?

“The sexual tension between them is at breaking point. There was chemistry between them before Tanya split with Max. She’s desperately trying to fight it which is leading to a lot of awkward moments between them. The truth is she’s falling for him.”

But Max is a rogue while Jack is friendly and charming – not to mention handsome. Why would Tanya want to fight her feelings?

“Obviously because he’s Max’s brother but also because she cares so much for him. She knows – or thinks she knows – how he feels about Ronnie and wants him to be happy.”

But Tanya does really want Jack, doesn’t she?

“One minute she thinks she and Jack could live happily ever after together and the next she tells herself she’s being stupid, that it’s only because they’re both on the rebound. She convinces herself Jack could have a good future with Ronnie.”

What happens when Dot spots Jack giving Tanya a shoulder to cry on?

“Tanya is upset after a row with Jane and Jack takes her in his arms to comfort her. It’s a very charged moment and Dot sees them. Dot tells Jack that Tanya is vulnerable and he mustn’t mess her around.”

And does Jack listen and decide to leave Tanya alone?

“Later, Jack tells her he’s going to give her some space and at that moment she realises how much she doesn’t want him to.”

Will Tanya give Jack the green light then?

“Let’s just say anything could happen! But if she does get together with Jack I think they’d make a good couple.”

Is Tanya really over Max enough for his return not to matter?

“I think there will always be a part of her that still loves Max.”