‘Terry thinks he’s Bianca’s saviour,’ reveals EastEnders’ Terry Alderton

EastEnders’ Terry Alderton tells Soaplife why Terry’s leaving the Square – and how he hopes Bianca will leave with him.

Terry’s off to pastures new, but will he be taking Bianca with him? “Terry needs to move on and will be elated if Bianca goes with him,” Terry tells Soaplife. “Her life is a mess and he thinks he can make it better…”

Why does Terry want to move to Milton Keynes?
“His sister Val, who lives there, has said there is some redundancy money coming and Terry has been toying with the idea of setting up his own cab company. He needs to move on and make a fresh start and this is the perfect opportunity.”

Tell us about the relationship with Bianca (Patsy Palmer) at this point?
“They have been seeing each other secretly and Terry thought they had something, but they fall out when she hears he is leaving. She announces it to everyone and Terry hasn’t even told Alfie [Shane Richie] yet. He thinks she is being malicious, but doesn’t realise that it is because deep down she is hurt because he didn’t tell her about his plans.”

What makes Terry kiss Bianca and declare his love?
“He realises that he might as well be honest with her about how he feels. He wants her to come with him, but if she doesn’t, he will go alone and move on. He wants her to go, though – I think he sees himself as her saviour.”

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