The Carters bid a final farewell to Stan on EastEnders

When Stan Carter popped his clogs back in April – after losing his battle with prostrate cancer – he left behind an EastEnders family in crisis. The warring clan united for Stan’s moving funeral, but, predictably, hostilities were renewed soon afterwards. Now, Tina decides its time to scatter her father’s ashes. Can the Carters possibly put their differences aside once again for Stan’s final send-off?


It appears not. Things turn ugly soon after Tina persuades Mick to ask Shirley if she wants to help scatter Stan’s ashes.


Back at The Vic, the urn containing the ashes is caught up in an undignified tug of war between Mick and Shirley.


In the midst of the commotion, the urn slips from their grasp and falls to the floor, leaving Mick and Shirley aghast!


The impact causes the urn to break open and the ashes spill out over the floor – only they aren’t ashes!


With everyone accusing Aunt Babe of stealing Stan’s remains, Mick and Tina beg Shirley to help them track her down in Ramsgate, where she now lives in a caravan.


They have no problem locating the caravan park but, to their dismay, there’s no sign of Aunt Babe.


Undeterred, they manage to force open a window and get inside the caravan to start looking for the elusive ashes.


They are interrupted by the returning Aunt Babe, who is furious to see what’s going on and immediately denies stealing the urn.


But the truth will out, and during a heart-to-heart with Babe, Shirley spots the ashes and grabs them. She then hands them over to Mick…


Babe is dismayed, and is forced to reveal a family secret about Mick before she is allowed to attend the scattering of the ashes…


Later, it’s off to Ramsgate for Stan’s big send-off.


Aunt Babe is heartbroken as she looks on from the promenade…


Meanwhile, having prepared a little memorial on the beach, Mick consoles Tina…


…and then pours Stan’s ashes into a hole they have dug in the sand


The three then join hands for a period of quiet reflection.


As the tide rolls in, they reflect on Stan’s life and their memories of him. Could this be the moment when the Carters finally decide to put their differences aside once and for all?

Watch Stan’s final farewell on EastEnders, BBC1, from Monday, August 24