The Jackson family to return to EastEnders

EastEnders‘ Jackson family will be reunited when three Walford favourites return to the soap.

Strictly Come Dancing star Natalie Cassidy plus Lindsey Coulson and Dean Gaffney will all go back to Albert Square next year ahead of the show’s 25th anniversary.

Lindsey was last seen as mum Carol in 1999, when the character left to care for her sick mother.

Natalie’s alter ego Sonia left Walford in 2007 to start a new life in Manchester with husband Martin Fowler (James Alexandrou) and daughter Rebecca.

Dean last played Robbie in 2004, when he briefly returned to the soap for Sonia’s wedding.

The family reunion should make for explosive viewing. Fans last saw Carol and daughter Bianca (Patsy Palmer) together when Carol found out Bianca was sleeping with her boyfriend Dan Sullivan, leading to a bitter showdown in the Queen Vic.

Carol’s youngest child Billie will also return to the soap, and his casting is yet to be announced.

EastEnders’ executive producer Diederick Santer said: “I’m so excited to see Lindsey back at EastEnders and the fact that we’ve got Natalie and Dean as well makes it extra special.

“This family were the original EastEnders Jackson Five, and I can’t wait to see how they’ve grown and changed. These returns all contribute to the excitement and drama of EastEnders’ 25th anniversary.”