The Mitchell women club together

Roxy and Ronnie Mitchell want to buy Scarlet’s… and EastEnders star Rita Simons warns they always get what they want!

Having persuaded Peggy she needs them at the Vic Ronnie and Roxy are planning to dump her… Why?

“Since they came back from Ibiza they’ve been waiting for the next big thing to sink their teeth into and when they find out Scarlet’s is up for sale, they think they’ve found it.”

Do they think they could make it a success again?

“They ran a club in Ibiza which was successful and they’re sure they can make a go of it over here. They’re not people who can ever sit still. They’re ambitious and like thinking up money-making schemes.”

What kind of a club would it be?

“Stylish and funky. Probably something similar to what they had in Ibiza. I’m sure there would be lots of promotions, parties and themes.”

How can they afford it?

“That’s the problem. They have some money stashed away already but not enough to buy the club… they’ll need a loan.”

And they ask Peggy. Why do they think she will help?

“”Because she’s family and because she will see it as a way of furthering the Mitchell empire.”

But wouldn’t Scarlet’s be a rival to the Vic?

“They’ve already thought of that and come up with a plan so that the club won’t open early and take customers from the Vic. Ronnie and Roxy are Mitchells and strongly loyal to their family and there’s no way they’d want to take any business from Peggy.”

So does Peggy agree to the loan?

“She does and Roxy is thrilled. She’s already in there in her head and even bribes Billy to help her Sixties-themed night at the Vic by offering him a one-per-cent share Scarlet’s.”

But Peggy doesn’t come up with the money. What goes wrong?

“It turns out she’s in debt… and badly so. She’s been trying to cover it up but she owes £40k and the lenders are starting to get heavy with her.”

Why didn’t Peggy just tell them the truth instead of raising their hopes?

“I think Peggy had been fooling herself that her money problems would be OK. Roxy’s furious that they won’t get the money for the club but Ronnie’s more understanding – and worried for Peggy.”

Will they have to give up up on the idea of buying the club?

“They never give up easily and they really want that club. They’ll do anything they can to secure it.”

Is there anyone else the sisters could go into business with to buy the club?

“Not immediately, but they really want that club and they’re not giver-uppers. They’ll do anything the can to get it.”

And what about Peggy? Is there a real danger she could lose the Vic?

“Things are really bad and Peggy can’t even afford to stock up the bar. The Vic is definitely in danger…”

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