EastEnders actor David Spinx won’t spill the beans about his character Keith Miller‘s exit from the soap, but says it will be ‘quite dramatic and heroic’.

The actor said on the EastEnders’ website: “I am leaving the show after almost four years. I’ve had the most fabulous time; it’s been hard work, but complex and rewarding.

“I’m sad to go, but we all move on at some point. My departure from EastEnders is quite dramatic and heroic.”

He added: “Not only the exit, but all the build-up too. Keith gets good!”

Keith is having a high old time of it lately, after coming up trumps on the Lottery. Sadly, the dolt has also managed to lose the ticket, and is soon out of his family’s good books.

When asked whether he’d ever done anything similar, David said: “I haven’t ever lost anything as big, so I suppose I’ve been pretty lucky.

“But then again I’ve never won anything either, so I’ve never really had the chance to lose something as valuable.”

The star says he has very little in common with his character. He said: “I’m probably as chilled and relaxed as Keith, but unlike him I do get off my backside and do things. I just can’t imagine sitting there all day doing nothing. He really does have it down to a fine art!”