Viewers baffled by the flashback structure of Barbara Windsor drama Babs

Many watching the BBC1 biopic of Barbara Windsor on Sunday likened it to Doctor Who because of the time shifts in the narative

The BBC1 drama about Dame Barbara Windsor’s life, Babs, has been slated by viewers who said all the jumping around in time made it feel like Doctor Who.

The programme recounted the veteran star’s rise to fame through flashbacks, with a total of four people playing the actress.


But viewers said the ‘confusing’ format left them baffled, likening it to sci-fi show Doctor Who.

The show delved into the dark stories that plagued the star’s personal life before she began her 22-year stint as Peggy on EastEnders – including her turbulent relationship with her beloved father and her rocky marriage to first husband Ronnie Knight.

Some scenes saw the older version of Dame Barbara (played by Samantha Spiro) with her father, watching as the younger version (played by Jaime Winstone) lives her life.

But people watching said the ‘disjointed narrative’ made it difficult to keep up.


Actress Jaime also came under fire, with many viewers suggesting she was miscast. But there was praise for Samantha, who viewers said ‘nailed’ her portrayal of the TV veteran in her 50s.


A cameo appearance by the actress herself also went down a storm.

Dame Barbara, 79, appeared at the end of the drama to sing On The Sunny Side Of The Street.

“AWWWW The Real #babs at the end !!” gushed one viewer, while another said the biopic came to life when the actress appeared.


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