EastEnders released its all-action trailer showcasing the big storylines and plot climaxes coming this autumn, and Max Branning’s murder trial and Kathy Beale are centre-stage!

Kathy Sullivan (formerly Beale) is pictured in a light aircraft with her husband, Gavin, about to make a desperate flight out of England. But the plane is stopped mid takeoff on the runway by a Range Rover. The smart money is on Phil Mitchell being the driver. Will he manage to persuade Kathy stay or will she flee?

One person who looks certain to leave is Charlie Cotton, as his wife, Ronnie, features heavily getting horizontal with Vincent Hubbard and revealing that her marriage is over because she doesn’t trust Charlie any more.

It’s Max’s trial that dominates the epic trailer. His defency lawyer appears to be trying to get him off the charge of murdering Lucy Beale by pinning it on his daughter, Abi! But Phil could turn out to be Max’s best case for the defence. In harrowing scenes, he brutally forces Jane Beale to admit who really killed Lucy…

Watch EastEnders‘ autumn trailer: