Watch Trina’s tragic demise in Soap Scoop

Lucas’s attraction to old flame Trina proves fatal in EastEnders this week when a final fling ends in tragedy.

When Lucas discovers Trina taking drugs on a visit, he sends her packing. But when Lucas later takes pity on his ex and invites her in to take a shower, it’s Lucas and Trina who end up getting hot and steamy.

Worried that Denise will learn of his indiscretion, Lucas confronts Trina. The argument ends in a struggle in which Trina ends up horrifically injured.

Does Lucas call the police – or does he leave Trina to fight for her life?

Watch the new Soap Scoop to find out, and also how Joshua collapses in Coronation Street, how Ash is driven out of Hollyoaks”> and all about Carl and Chas getting it on in Emmerdale

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