Well, Jane DID say ‘for better and worse’!

Jane discovers being Mrs Beale means being public enemy number one! EastEnders star Laurie Brett reveals how it all starts to go wrong…

So Jane and Grant are the hot gossip again. Is he back?!

“No. It’s just gossip. Ronnie and Roxy find out Jane had an affair with Grant and start blabbing.”

How do they find out?

“They overhear Jane and Ian making out and Jane telling Ian that he’s a better lover than Grant!”

They must have good hearing!

“They’re actually in the house though Jane and Ian don’t know it. A silly Mitchell/Beale war has started up again and Ian’s stolen the Queen Vic bust and the sisters have broken in to steal it back. Later Ronnie lets Ian know what they heard.”

What does Jane do?

“She goes into the Queen Vic and gives Ronnie a piece of her mind. Ronnie tells her Grant always did like a woman with a temper and Jane snaps that if she spreads rumours about her she’ll throw her into the canal. Jane’s not afraid of the Mitchells!”

And the Mitchell aren’t her only problem… she and Lucy fall out we hear.

“Yes… after Jane reads her secret diary!”

What? She’s hardly been her stepmum for a nano second and she’s doing the unthinkable!

“She’s worried Lucy’s in some sort of trouble and the diary proves it… or rather that she soon will be.”

What does she find then?

“She discovers Lucy has a secret boyfriend. Her diary doesn’t give any names away but it says ‘I saw…’ and there’s a picture of a heart. Then it reads ‘I want to ! him.’ It also says ‘I hate my dad.’”

Does Jane confront her?

“She tries to be diplomatic and attempts to talk to Lucy, you know, about the changes happening to her body and stuff but Lucy is on to her in a moment and says ‘You’ve read my diary.’ She’s furious with Jane, takes the diary, slaps it onto Ian’s chest and says ‘read it.’”

Do they know who this boy is?

“No neither of them have a clue. It’s actually Craig, the lad who Ian’s employed to work at the chippie. He and Lucy are canoodling virtually under Ian’s nose but he doesn’t notice. He’s just chuffed to have his daughter working for him.”

What sort of a lad is Craig?

“A bad one. For a start he’s an 18-year-old dating a girl of 13/14. And he has a gun. Viewers see it in his glove compartment after he and Lucy have been drinking alcopops in his car and he goes to put the bottle away.”

Will Jane try and stop Lucy from seeing Craig?

“I don’t think so. She knows what teenagers are like – if you tell them to do something they do the opposite. Also she knows Lucy can always turn round and say ‘You’re not my mum.’”

What with Lucy and the Mitchell sisters it look like Jane’s quiet life could be over…

“Craig alone is bad news on a number of levels.There’s trouble coming for sure… the only uncertainty is how bad it’s going to get!”

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