Which EastEnder will strike it rich on a scratch card?

Someone on Albert Square is in for a surprise when they scoop a seven-figure cash prize on a scratch card.

The new storyline which will be aired in eight to 12 weeks’ time and will show the lucky so-and-so holding a celebratory bash in the Queen Vic. 

But rather than set their sights on leaving Walford, the winner sets their sights on buying the pub with their winnings. But will they be able to convince the current landlord Mick Carter to sell when he and his family have only been there for just over a year?

The question is, who is the lucky winner?

Alfie Moon
could certainly do with the cash. Things started to go wrong for him after he and his wife Kat were booted out of The Vic when Phil sold the pub to Mick at the end of 2013. It could be just the thing to get himself back behind the bar and sort his life out.

But it could be anyone and let’s face it, who among the residents wouldn’t welcome a large sum of money?