Whitney’s alarmed by Lee Carter’s behaviour in EastEnders

For some time now, troubled Lee Carter has been battling both depression and the bottle, his life spiralling out of control on EastEnders.

He almost cost Stacey her life recently when she was electrocuted by a socket he had failed to fix properly. But has Lee now reached a new low point?


Concerned Whitney has done her best to support her boyfriend as he struggles with his illness, but now she feels forced to approach Lee’s dad Mick with some upsetting news


After a typically turbulent Carter Christmas, Mick turns his attention to his stag do, but is clearly shaken by what Whitney has to tell him.


It appears Whitney is right to be worried as, later, she and Mick find Lee in the park getting drunk.


What’s behind this disturbing turn of events? And does it mean Lee is losing his battle with his illness? Watch the drama unfold on EastEnders, BBC1, from Boxing Day.



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