Shirley is determined Carly and Deano will know she’s their mum… and Kevin can’t stop her, warns Linda Henry!

What’s made Shirley suddenly want to become involved in her kids’ lives again?
Seeing them in Dorset made her want to get to know them. Initially she was intrigued to find out how they’d turned out and what they looked like, but now she can’t keep away. She wants to discover more about Carly and Deano’s lives and get to know her kids again.

What happened in the past to make Shirley abandon them?
I can’t say at this stage. But there’s a lot to be revealed and lots of twists and turns!

How old were they at the time?
Carly was five and Deano was only two. They were both really young. Deano can’t remember anything at all about his mum.

Kevin seems to blame Shirley for it all. What happened between them?
All I can say is Kevin has very good reason to hate Shirley. But while she walked out on him and their very young children you might find Shirley had her reasons, too.

So Kevin wasn’t an innocent in it all…
Shirley tells him to smooth things over with her children or she’ll tell them something Kevin doesn’t want them to know…

How do Carly and Deano react when Shirley tells them she’s their mum and explains why she left?
They’re devastated – especially Carly. She’s never really had any women in her life and she’s been brought up by men. It’s all too much for her. When Deano first finds out he can’t really get his head round it but he’s more mystified by Shirley than anything else.

Carly tells Shirley to get out… Why? Because she’s so hurt?
She thinks Shirley’s invading something they’ve built up over the past 16 or 17 years. Kevin’s getting his life together with a new family, then Shirley comes in like a rocket and disrupts everything.

Deano seems more forgiving… Is he?
Yes. Deano starts to come around. He’s very interested in what his mum’s like and what it’s like to have a mum. He’s missed out on so many years of childhood and he wants to find out more about Shirley.

Will Shirley keep on trying to become part of their lives?
Definitely. She’s a fighter and now she’s found them she won’t give up that easily.

Does she hate Kevin as much as he hates her?
She doesn’t hate him at all. He’s done a great job with the kids. I can’t see how you can hate a man you‘d left to bring up your kids. Shirley feels very guilty about the past but she doesn’t try to hide it. She’d never lie about it.