Is Ricky really Tiffany’s dad? There’s a very strong possibility, says EastEnders star Sid Owen.

How does Bianca tell Ricky that he may be Tiff’s real father?
“She arranges to meet Ricky in Argee Bhajee with the intention of telling him but when the time comes, she bottles out and does a runner. However, it turns out she was so worried about how to tell him she’d written it down on a piece of paper… which Ricky finds back home. The words read ‘Ricky. I have to tell you. I think you may be Tiffany’s dad.’ He’s stunned and immediately confronts her and demands the truth.”

Bianca explains that she might have been conceived the time they spent a night together in Manchester… “Ricky realises the dates add up and can’t believe that Bianca was happy to let everyone think that Nathan Dean – Whitney’s dad – was also Tiffany’s dad.”

And his feelings are hurt again after car-lot worker Todd asks Whitney out and Ricky suggests that it might be worth getting to know him. “Bianca’s not happy with him getting involved with Whitney. She reminds him she’s not his daughter which is a bit unfair. Ricky’s been very supportive over the whole Tony thing and just wants the best for Whitney. In fact, he wants the best for all of her kids. He’s Liam’s dad and he still loves Bianca, so it’s natural for him to feel close to the whole family.”

What happens after Whitney’s date goes wrong and he find her collapsed in a shop doorway? “Bianca tells Ricky that she needs him. That the kids need him. Then she asks him to do the DNA test there and then to find out if he really is Tiffany’s dad.”

Which is what Ricky wants but, explains Sid, not necessarily what’s best all round… “Ricky realises that being Tiffany’s dad could change everything. Ricky tells Bianca ‘I love Tiff to bits and I’d love to be her dad, but Tiff is all Whit has in terms of real family and I can’t take that away from her’.”

But no knowing the truth isn’t an option either. Bianca wants to do the test and Ricky needs to know… “Bianca takes a swab from Tiff’s mouth, saying they need to check to see if she has the lurgy. Then they take one from Ricky, too, and post it together.”

Will the result mean a positive outcome for Ricky getting back with Bianca?
“It’s what Ricky’s wanted for a long time now. It’s all down to Bianca whether or not they do get back together. If Ricky is Tiff’s dad, it might help…”

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