Will Danielle finally reveal the truth to Ronnie?

Danielle’s told Archie the truth, but will she ever get a chance to tell Ronnie? Not if Archie has anything to do with it reveals EastEnders actress Lauren Crace.

Now that Archie knows Danielle’s secret what does Danielle want Archie to do?

“Danielle’s desperate for Archie to tell Ronnie as he promised. Instead he tells her Ronnie’s unstable and she’d kill herself if her daughter ever came to find her. Danielle really thought everything would be okay once Archie found out. But it’s not.”

But Archie actually wants Danielle out of their lives – for good, doesn’t he?

“He suggests it would be best for Ronnie if Danielle went back home and she’s so confused she agrees.”

But what happens next?

“When Peggy comes home from hospital and the Mitchells gather for a family meal, Danielle feels she should be part of it. She is a Mitchell after all and she�s desperate to be close to the family. She tells Archie she can’t turn her back on Ronnie and she isn’t going anywhere until her mother knows who she is.”

Does Danielle trust Archie?

“She doesn’t doubt him because when he found out the truth he started behaving like a loving granddad. He pretended to be happy Danielle had found them. She foolishly still trusts Archie to sort everything out.”

So she writes a wedding card for Peggy and Archie and signs it ‘From your granddaughter’. How does that go down?

“Danielle gives the card to Archie but he tears it up insisting she must leave it all to him. He’s not happy either when Danielle puts her locket on baby Amy while she’s babysitting her. In fact he throws her out.”

And that finally makes Danielle suspicious he’s never going to tell Ronnie. Will she force his hand?

“The wedding’s just three days away and she threatens that either he tells Ronnie before then – or she will! And she means it.”

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