Garry gets his marriage proposal to Dawn all wrong in EastEnders… but he might still get his girl, hints actress Kara Tointon

Have Dawn‘s feelings for Garry grown since Jase’s death?
“She knows she’s really lucky to be living with Garry. She feels safe with him but she only sees him as a friend.
She must realise that Garry still loves her though…

You’d think so wouldn’t you, but all the signs have gone over her head. So she has no idea he’s about to propose?
“No and she is really shocked. He tells her he’s taking her out for dinner and she can’t say no. Over the meal she tells him she found the perfect man and he thinks she means him. He’s planned it with the waiter to act on a signal from him to bring over cocktails… and Dawn’s has a ring in it.”

Only she didn’t mean Garry was her perfect man…
“Too late he realises she meant Jase but she’s found the ring. Garry gets all flustered and the proposal comes out all wrong. It ends up sounding like he thinks Dawn should be grateful for the proposal.”

And she’s not?
“She tells him it’s not going to happen, ever… and runs out. It doesn’t help that Jase proposed to her in Argee Barjee.”

Do they make up?
“The next day Dawn takes some doughnuts over for him and Minty while they’re working on the boat, which is a bit lame if you ask me. She thinks they can forget what happened and start again – as friends.”

But Garry doesn’t… instead he vanishes. Is she worried?
“She thinks he’s gone off in a sulk but it’s more than that. He rings and leaves a message saying that all he ever wanted was for her to love him but she doesn’t hear it. Darren erases it because he thinks it will upset Dawn.”

Instead the police do that… What happens?
“The police inform Minty that they’ve found the car Garry took from The Arches and that it’s been abandoned near a suicide spot. It’s clear they think Garry has killed himself.”

Is it a wake up call for Dawn?
“She is dreadfully upset. Suddenly she realises how much she does care for Garry.”

Is he really dead though?
“They all think so and organise a little get together to pay their respects. Dawn gives a little speech and says ‘Garry I love you and I would tell you but it’s too late.’ And lo and behold he walks in.”

Does she throw her arms around him?
“No, in true EastEnders style she slaps him!”

Will she marry him now?
“I’d like it if she did. I think they’d make a good couple.”