Will Denise live happily-ever after?

EastEnders’ Diane Parish reveals that marrying Lucas won’t mean a happy-ever-after for Denise…

With Owen back in prison, Denise should be feeling relieved. But she’s not. Why?

“Libby visits Owen in prison and he tells her it was Lucas who told the police he was breaking the terms of his parole and got him locked up again. Libby’s very upset and confronts Lucas and he doesn’t deny it.”

Is Denise suspicious of Lucas’ motives?

“She doesn’t understand why he did what he did and something inside her is saying maybe Owen is right that Lucas can’t be trusted. She doesn’t know what to think really and turns to Patrick for advice.”

What does Patrick say?

“He questions whether she still has feelings for Owen and that touches a nerve. Denise didn’t think it would be possible as, let’s not forget, Owen did try to kill Libby. However Patrick could be right. There is still a bond between them – Owen is Libby’s dad after all. Denise sees how Libby lights up when she sees Owen and that means a lot to her.”

Denise calls off the wedding. Is that due to her feelings for Owen or Lucas?

“The whole business is stressing Denise out. This isn’t how she wanted her wedding to be. She snaps and calls the whole thing off out of pure frustration.”

Then she says it’s back on again. What changes her mind?

“She visits Owen in prison and he tells her he’s convinced Lucas killed Trina. He plants a seed of doubt but she pushes it away and tells her daughters nobody is going to spoil her big day and the wedding’s back on.”

Owen’s released from prison and bursts in on Denise’s hen party saying she can’t marry Lucas because she’s in danger. Does Denise believe him?

“Deep down she knows something’s not quite right but she doesn’t think Lucas is capable of murder…”

Wedding pictures have already been seen so we know it happens. Even so we’re expecting this storyline to end with the death of Lucas or Owen. Who will it be?

“You’ll have to wait and see. They’re both as cunning as one another…”

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