EastEnders’ May gets sexy to win back husband Rob – but there are still desperate times ahead for the Walford doc, according to Amanda Drew…

Firstly, what was May thinking getting Rob to sleep with Dawn again?
“Asking Rob to go back with Dawn was a crazy thing to do, but May’s not thinking straight. I think we have to blame it on a combination of desperation and the IVF hormones she was taking.”

Does May fear that there’s a chance that she could ending up losing Rob?
“May’s always been a bit insecure. They’re childhood sweethearts and when they first met she found it hard to believe a sporty lovegod like Rob would be interested in a swot like her. She doesn’t think for a moment that Dawn really loves her husband, but she does fear that she might have re-ignited something within him.”

How does May try to relight her husband’s fire?
“In recent years, much of their sex life has been about trying to make a baby, which hasn’t happened. May now realises she could be in danger of losing Rob so she tries the seductive approach…”

And things are going very well aren’t they – until Rob receives a phone call from Dawn telling him that she’s left Walford to go and stay at her mums.
“May panics because she wants to be in control of this situation and thinks she’ll lose that ability if Dawn is out of sight. But Rob reassures her they need to give Dawn space.”

Isn’t May beginning to think that this whole baby-buying idea is utterly ridiculous?
“Not at all. She’s fighting for her right to be a mum. She’s never going to have her own child and because there is this baby of Rob’s she can’t allow it to be terminated.”

So, is May confident that Dawn will go through with the plan?
“I don’t think she’s really thought it through. She doesn’t think Dawn’s after Rob and can’t imagine her refusing to hand over the baby. She’s bargaining on the fact Dawn’s stupid enough to think their contract is legally binding. And she’s convinced that Dawn’s only doing it for the money and will go off and find somebody new once the baby is born.”

Surely it will all end in tears…
“May won’t give up on this. And her behaviour and that of Rob and Dawn can only get worse. It’s not going to be very pleasant for any of them…”