When Jase’s gang attack pregnant Honey in EastEnders can her unborn baby be saved? Actress Emma Barton fills us in…

After the trauma of baby Janet’s birth it’s unimaginable that the birth of her second baby could be even more traumatic – but that’s exactly what happens…
“Poor Honey, nothing is ever straightforward for her and having her second baby is one of the worst moments of her life.”

And it’s all because she tries to help her New Best Friend Jase, isn’t it?
“Jase is in big trouble with an old gang and Honey gets caught right in the thick of things. She’s upstairs at the Vic with Janet when the gang raid the pub looking for Jase. They’re smashing glasses and threatening everyone with baseball bats to make them tell where Jase is and very nearly come upstairs when they hear Janet crying.”

But Jase rushes in and and gives himself up to the gang. So how does Honey get attacked?
“Honey sees the thugs take Jase down to the barrel store and creeps down the stairs and calls the police”

That’s when Honey spots Jase being violently beaten up…
“She sees them laying into Jase and leaps in to defend him. But instead she ends up being knocked to the ground… and she’s hurt.”

As Honey cries out in pain the thugs do a runner and it’s down to Jase to make an emergency dash to the hospital with her…
“Honey is in agony and tells Jase to hurry. She’s terrified for her baby.”

What happens at the hospital?
“Honey’s terrified that something’s happened to the baby and when the doctors examine her they’re just as worried. They whisk her into the High Risk Labour Unit and tell her she may need an emergency Caesarian.”

And what happens when Billy finds out the emergency is all Jase’s doing?
“He smacks Jase across the face and warns him if anything happens to the baby it’ll be on Jase’s head. Then he rushes to Honey’s side just in time for the birth of their baby.

So, everything turns out OK after all?
“In the end, Honey doesn’t have a Caesarian – it’s a quick natural birth. But the baby isn’t breathing…”

And as the medics desperately try to save Honey newborn child’s life it’s not looking good for Jase. Has he really killed her baby?