Will Janine blow Ricky and Bianca’s big secret?

Janine knows that Ricky is Tiffany’s dad. How long will she keep her promise not to tell? Hollyoaks’ EastEnders’ actress Charlie Brooks reveals all…

How does Janine feel when she’s asked to babysit Tiffany?

“She’s actually pleased Ricky’s because nobody trusts her to do anything.”

What happens next?

“Janine pretends Tiff is her child to hook a rich punter called Rupert who has his eye on a sports car she’s trying to flog. He’s a divorcee with a daughter and when he assumes Tiff’s is Janine’s daughter she just lets him carry on assuming.”

Does she feel guilty that she’s using Tiffany to flog a car?

“When she pretends to be Tiff’s mum she doesn’t see it as bad, she’s just desperate to impress Rupert. They arrange a play date and test drive for the following day and Janine’s sure she’s on to a winner.”

Janine offers to babysit again and asks Tiff to pretend to be her daughter in exchange for Terence the dog. Does Tiff go along with it?

“Tiffany agrees but the plan’s ruined when Bianca sees her getting into a stranger’s car on the Square. It’s Rupert’s car but Bianca doesn’t know that and she’s furious.”

What does Ricky say?

“Ricky’s none too please either and Janine tells him she can’t understand why he’s so concerned about a child that’s not his. It’s at this point Ricky blurts out Tiffany is his daughter.”

How does Janine take the news?

“It comes as a total shock to Janine but suddenly everything makes sense.”

Janine promises to keep Ricky’s secret but will she?

“You know what Janine’s like. She uses people’s secrets to manipulate them and this time will be no different.”

Would she go as far as to tell Whitney, knowing how it would devastate her to discover that Bianca cheated on her dad and that her little sister isn’t her sister after all?

“She wouldn’t hesitate if it meant she got something out of it.”

And is getting something out of it why she’s involved with Archie?

“Archie’s an opportunity and Janine grabs every opportunity she can, plus she’s ruthless and he’s rich and powerful.”

So it’s business not romance then?

“Wait and see. I’d love Janine to fall madly in love with someone.”

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