Will Linda Carter’s hen go without a hitch on EastEnders?

With Linda and Mick’s wedding fast approaching, will everything go to plan or, in true EastEnders-style, will there be a hitch or two?

We hope the happy couple do manage a painless ceremony after the emotionally turbulent year that Linda (Kellie Bright) and Mick (Danny Dyer) have had, care of Mick’s brother, depraved Dean. 

But before the big day, there’s Linda’s hen night to look forward to. Surely that will go as planned…?


It’s the day of Linda’s hen party, but the bride-to-be is left disappointed when she finds out that best pal Sharon makes an excuse not to attend. Sharon’s obviously got other things on her mind with lapsed alcoholic hubby Phil…


But Sharon has a change of heart and surprises her friend, Linda, with a 1990s-themed celebration in The Vic.


Surrounded by all her friends, including her mum, Tina, Sonia, Jane, Whitney, Sharon and even her husband-to-be!


As a toast is made to Linda, will she see through Sharon’s facade of pretending to be happy when really she’s full of angst over the state of Phil and the dysfunctional Mitchells?


Linda notices Sharon’s unhappy state a mile off and demands to know the truth about what’s going on.


After the women have a heart-to-heart, Sharon persuades Linda to return to the celebrations in the pub and tells her she’ll wait upstairs… where she makes a phone call. But who to? Find out in EastEnders on BBC1 from Monday, November 23.


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