Will Lucas kill again? A chat with Don Gilet

EastEnders’ Don Gilet reveals that killing Trina could be just the first step in Lucas’ fall from grace!

Lucas just left Trina’s body in Charlie’s summerhouse. How can he live with himself?

“You have to remember that Lucas was a gangster with a very disturbing past. Now he’s concentrating on staying out of trouble and you’ll see how devious he can be in an effort to do that. He will duck and dive out of this by any means possible.”

Does he return to the scene of his crime at all?

“He does, a few days afterwards. He looks into the summerhouse and it’s full of flies, which makes him vomit.”

How guilty does he feel when it’s Jordan who finds the body?

“He actually watches it happen. He finds out that Charlie has done a deal with Jordan and Abi. They clean his summerhouse and he lets them grow saplings on his allotment for a school project – and races to the allotments after them. He hides as he watches them open the door. Abi screams and the pair of them run off.”

Does Jordan see that it’s Trina?

“Thank God, no. After the discovery, everyone’s speculating that it’s ‘some homeless bloke.’”

The police turn up to ask Jordan some questions. Does Lucas keep his cool?

“Totally. He can pull these tricks almost instinctively. He asks the police if they know who the body is and he’s told that they’re waiting for post-mortem results. Then he calls Trina’s phone and leaves a message, urging her to call him. It‘s a double-bluff as he knows the police have the phone.”

The police quiz Lucas when the body is identified as Trina. Do they suspect him?

“They ask Lucas to go to the station and he explains that he tried to help Trina, but she was bad news. He also says he never wished her dead. The police suggest that perhaps Denise killed Trina out of frustration.”

Does he defend Denise or would he let her go down for his crime to save his own skin?

“Jordan and Denise are his world, his new world – where he wants to stay. He’d lose everything if he lost them…”

There is one huge piece of incriminating evidence – Trina’s bracelet, which Lucas now has. Why hasn’t he got rid of it?

“He tries, but it’s like a metaphor for his relationship with Trina – it keeps turning up again, like a bad penny. It’s always there. Close to his heart – or his loins. He can’t find the right time or place to get rid of it.”

Will Lucas get away with this?

“When he first appeared, someone wrote in saying he was a good character but somewhere down the line something was going to come unstuck. We’ve always known there was more to this do-gooder than met the eye. Things are going to get a lot darker in the build-up to Christmas.”

Are his religious beliefs totally shot now, then?

“His relationship with God becomes quite warped. He starts to think that if God is allowing him to get away with things then they can’t be that bad…”

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