Will Mick Carter be shot dead? ‘A gunshot rings out, and panic ensues,’ reveals EastEnders mole!

Who pulls the trigger and who has been shot in EastEnders?

As Stuart plots revenge against Mick Carter and his family next week, a bullet is fired. But is Mick the person being shot or is he pulling the trigger in EastEnders?

The BBC has released a dramatic new trailer, which ends with a gunshot sound, and we know the fateful night begins with everyone heading to bed, while an unsettled Mick takes Lady Di for a walk.

He’s right to be tense as Stuart has sneaked into the pub. He has big plans for his enemies and has paid Dennis to do another “Job” – hiding something for his older “friend”.

And soon disaster strikes… “A gunshot rings out, and panic ensues,” an EastEnders mole tells TV Times. “An ambulance and the police arrive, and later, someone is arrested.”

The plotline develops earlier in the week when Stuart sends Mick a video. Mick’s livid at what he sees, and heads off to Stuart’s flat to confront him.

“When Mick arrives, he sees that Stuart has laid out some tools – he wants Mick to have a pop at him,” says the mole. “Mick walks away, but then Stuart goads him and he explodes…”

So, perhaps Mick is the man behind the trigger. Soon we’ll discover the truth, but could the cops arrest the wrong person?

EastEnders continues on BBC1.