EastEnders’ Bradley Branning better make the most of the honeymoon period because that wedding day video is going to ruin his life! Actor Charlie Clements tells us more…

How are Bradley and Stacey enjoying life as newlyweds?

“They had a lovely honeymoon. Away from Albert Square, Stacey seemed much more relaxed than usual and she and Bradley come home, very much in love. Life’s perfect as far as Bradley is concerned but then the bubble bursts.”

Oh yes, they arrive back in Walford and find out they’ve got no home – and Bradley’s been sacked from his job.

“Bradley wants to get settled into their new life and didn’t bargain on having no home and no job after his honeymoon.”

Then dad Max comes to the rescue by lining Bradley up with an interview for an insurance job, doesn’t he?

“Bradley’s upset at losing his job because he put a lot into his career. But after a while he begins to see it as a blessing in disguise. He sees this as a time to re-evaluate things. He lost Stacey in the first place because of getting too caught up with his city pals and now he’s starting to think that he got his priorities wrong.”

So, does Bradley take the job?

“He turns down the insurance sales job because it’s not for him and he doesn’t want to make any more mistakes.”

But then the right job does come along – Bradley becomes market inspector.

“He’s really pleased because it means he’ll be able to see Stacey every day and she’s his number one priority now.”

With a new job in the bag, Bradley turns his attentions back to Stacey and he’s excited about watching their wedding and honeymoon video on Lauren’s camera.

“Bradley’s looking forward to watching the footage of his honeymoon. What he doesn’t know is there’s also some interesting shots of Stacey and Max on the film.”

Luckily, Jean Slater drops the camera and breaks it…

“Bradley has no idea anything has happened between Stacey and Max. He’s not picking up on anything and thinks he’s about to live happily ever after with the girl of his dreams.”

…but the footage of Stacey and Max is still intact, isn’t it?

“If he ever sees that video someone could die.”