Will Stacey be Bradley’s Valentine in EastEnders?

EastEnders’ Bradley Branning dumps Lydia and declares his love for Stacey on Valentine’s Day. But Charlie Clements fears it’s all doomed to failure – and violence!

Bradley Branning realises on Valentine’s Day that Lydia has been a mistake and that it’s really old flame Stacey he wants. But is it all too little, too late?

“He realises he was cruel to Stacey but that was then. The whole abortion thing didn’t help matters and Bradley lost his way a bit when he got caught up in his career. Now he’s starting to see the Square is where he belongs and he’d much rather be in the company of Stacey than any of his City mates.”

The moment of realisation came when Bradley and Stacey started chatting and drinking in the Vic. They ended up getting along like a house on fire, didn’t they?

“Bradley didn’t want it to end. The pair of them ended up sharing some chips in the Square – much more his thing than drinking champagne with Lydia and her mates.”

What does Bradley find so different about Lydia and Stacey?

“He has to act all grown-up with Lydia but with Stacey he can be himself and he really misses that. He’s made a stupid mistake and he wants to tell Stacey how he really feels but he keeps bottling out.”

Valentine’s Day is a bit of a let-down for Bradley, isn’t it?

“Bradley buys a Valentine’s card for Lydia, but giving it to her doesn’t feel right so he hands it to Charlie who then passes it on to Stacey. He then goes to Fargo’s with Lydia where he tells her it’s over. She storms out and poor Bradley is left alone.”

Not for long though – Bradley’s soon outside Stacey’s window declaring that he still loves her. But she doesn’t respond – because she’s in bed with Max!

“Bradley doesn’t know this, of course. If and when he finds out it will probably mean he and Stacey can never be together. I mean, where can you go from there?”

But for the time being, Bradley’s none the wiser. So will he go all out to woo Stacey back?

“Absolutely! He’ll do anything to win her back. He asks his dad for some advice, but obviously Max tells him to steer clear of her! Clearly Bradley’s not going to get anywhere – but he did bring this on himself.”

What do you think Bradley will do once he discovers the affair?

“What I’m really looking forward to is the moment he rumbles Max. I’m sure there’s going to be violence!”