Ste will never give up on Amy until she loves him back again, promises Hollyoaks actor Kieron Richardson!

Amy’s engaged to Josh but has Ste given up on her?
“Never! He sees them living happily together with Leah and their baby when it’s born. He won’t give up on that dream even if it takes years.”

So what’s he doing congratulating Amy and Josh on their engagement?
“He’s trying to prove to Amy that he’s matured, is calmer and isn’t so aggressive any more. It seems to be working as Amy’s definitely less hostile towards him.”

Does Ste think she still loves him?
“He knows she does! He knows Amy likes life to be more unpredictable and dangerous than the life she has with Josh. And with Ste, it is.”

Yeah but it was hell too…
“He did treat Amy really badly but he feels that they’re soulmates and should be together. If they were to become an item again I don’t think he’d hurt her – physically or otherwise.”

Is Ste set on being part of his baby’s life even if he can’t get back with Amy?
“Absolutely. It’s his baby not Josh’s. Even if Ste had a restraining order against him he’d still try to get access to his child.”

Does he think Amy’s softening with him?
“She lets him look after Leah which he takes as a good sign. But she hasn’t told Josh and after he nearly catches Ste with Amy she tells Ste he can’t see her and Leah any more.”

That’s harsh. How does he react?
“He totally misreads the situation and tries to kiss Amy. She’s flustered and tells him there’s no future for them. Ste’s left reeling…”

Does he makes things right?
“Dom suggests he apologises to Amy but he bumps into Josh and tells him he saw Leah and kissed Amy… and they row. His new mate Natty advises Ste he should back off and let Amy come to him.”

Is that why he starts seeing Theresa?
“She fancies Ste and it’s very flattering. He uses Theresa to make Amy jealous in a kind of ‘Well if you don’t want me, Theresa does’ way.”

Don’t McQueens always mean trouble?
“He does come to that conclusion but not before he’s slept with her!”

Does it make Amy jealous?
“She’s not unmoved by it. She hates seeing Theresa all over Ste. Suddenly it looks like she has a rival and it gets her thinking. It gets Ste thinking too. He realises he’s more likely to get Amy back if he plays it clever for a change.”

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