Zainab baby shocker!

EastEnders‘ Nina Wadia reveals Zainab is not just shocked to find out she’s pregnant… she’s devastated!

Zainab’s the last woman we expected to get pregnant… Is she shocked too?

“Absolutely. She’s in her mid-forties and her children are grown up. She’s been feeling strange and was actually thinking she was going through the menopause.”

Had she been taking precautions or did she think she was past the need to worry?

“She doesn’t want more children so I assume she and Mas would have taken precautions – especially as they’re quite a randy couple.”

Having a baby will surely put paid to her and Mas’s round-the-world trip… But was Zainab really that keen to go?

“Yes and no. She likes to be in control and doesn’t quite trust Syed to run the business. But she’s got to the point where she wants to do something different after raising three children.”

When does she realise she’s pregnant?

“Some time before she finds out that Tamwar didn’t get the grades for Oxford. But she doesn’t tell anyone until she nearly faints at the mosque and has to admit she’s pregnant to Amira who says she must tell Mas. Mas says he’ll go with her to the doctor’s but he doesn’t turn up.”

Why not?

“He’s busy trying to figure out ways to make the business more profitable and just forgets. He catches up with her as she’s leaving the surgery but Zainab’s not happy. She tells him she’s 15 weeks pregnant then walks on angrily.”

Is she angry at Mas or angry she’s pregnant?

“She tells Mas she doesn’t want the baby. She’s angry and frustrated. It is against Islam to have an abortion. She feels as if she hasn’t got a choice.”

She confides in Jane… What does Jane say?

“Jane asks how she feels about being pregnant and Zainab says she’ll be in her sixties when the child leaves home. Jane asks what she’s going to do and Zainab looks distressed. Then when Mas tries to be encouraging she angrily yells ‘I don’t want this baby. Sorry…'”

Does she mean it?

“Mas fears she does. He tells her ‘Say you’ll have this baby.’ But she can’t.”

He’s furious when he finds out she’s told Jane… Why?

“He says she should have kept it between them and as they row Syed and Tamwar come to find out what’s going on and Mas tells them their mum’s pregnant and doesn’t want the baby. Zainab feels totally betrayed.”

In fact she packs a bag and goes… What’s she planning to do?

“She rings Mas after she’s gone and tells him she needs time. Mas begs her to come back but she hangs up…”

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