Zoe Lucker planning Enders’ exit party

Zoe Lucker has revealed she is planning a farewell knees-up to mark her departure from EastEnders.

The former Footballers Wives star has played Vanessa Gold in the soap for over a year and has filmed her final scenes in Albert Square as Vanessa prepares to make a dramatic exit.

Zoe revealed to Inside Soap magazine her last day was so emotional, she wants to have a big party with the rest of the cast.

She said: “My last day on set was so sad. I worked closely with everyone, and of course we became really friendly.”

She added: “Not just the actors, but the crew as well. There was a sadness about saying goodbye to Vanessa, but there was also a real sadness about leaving such a friendly place.”

Zoe added “I finished up there on a Thursday so I didn’t have a leaving party.

“I didn’t really want the mood of the evening to be downbeat, so I just said my goodbyes to everyone there and came home.

“My plan is to get everyone together for drinks at some point.”

Vanessa started dating Eddie Moon as part of a cruel plan with his son Michael. But now she has fallen for him and wants to settle down.

But as Michael wants to ruin his life, his scheming could leave her with no choice but to leave for good.

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