EastEnders’ teen love triangle hit the British Soap Awards: ‘It’s been such a whirlwind’ (VIDEO)

EastEnders’ Shaheen Jafarghol, Jasmine Armfield and Tilly Keeper say the Shakil-Bex-Louise love triangle has been a ‘whirlwind’ to play and teased there’s much more to come.

Shaheen (Shakil) told What’s on TV at the British Soap Awards that it’s hard to decide which of the girls he should be with: “They’re both so fit, which one!? I’m spoilt for choice. You’ll just have to wait and see [who I end up with], but it’s definitely interesting. I know Bex and Shaki have got a little fling going on, but whether that will tie into anything, whether this one is going to ruin it…”

Tilly (Louise) interjected: “You know she’s up to something!”

Shaheen countered: “I might just have both, right?”

The former Britain’s Got Talent finalist said his first months on EastEnders had been amazing: “It’s so crazy, it’s such a whirlwind, because obviously Jasmine’s been here for two years,so I kind of came along and slotted in and and had all this fun with all these new characters. Yeah, I’m enjoying it, I’m finding my feet, it’s something different for me to do as well, it’s fun.”

Equally new, Tilly (Louise) said Steve McFadden had been an inspiration to her.

“Oh Steve, my lovely on screen daddy,” she said. “He’s really taken me under his wing and I’ve learned so much from him and I’m still learning… He leaves me speechless when we do a scene.”

Watch the interview with Shaheen Jafarghol, Jasmine Armfield and Tilly Keeper, above.

The British Soap Awards screen at 8pm on ITV on Sunday, May 29

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