Abi confesses to Lauren in EastEnders shocker...

On the day of Lauren’s planned wedding to Steven, her sister Abi drops a bombshell!

Abi’s having a bad time after getting fired from the vets last week and then telling her housemates she’s working at the Vic full-time, only for Mick to disappoint her further.

She sneaks into Lauren’s bedroom and puts on her wedding dress – on the day of the planned wedding! Lauren catches her and when Abi realises she needs to explain herself, she confesses that she was in love with Steven and they had a fling! Abi believes he would have come clean to Lauren and she’d be the one going up the aisle. A row breaks out as the two clash in true sibling-rivalry style!

Furthermore, Lauren realises that Abi’s been hiding her fiance’s ashes. What the heck?

As the sisters calm down a little Abi has another shocker up her sleeve – she’s carrying Steven’s baby!