Nitin Ganatra quits EastEnders, so Carmel won’t get Masood – or will she?

Masood will not be staying in Albert Square for girlfriend Carmel as his departure from EastEnders been announced. But will she leave with him?

Well, Masood has been talking about leaving Albert Square for a while now, saying he’s going to travel the world with his youngest son, Kamil [Arian Chikhlia]. But it has now been revealed that it looks like he’s really going to do it, as Nitin Ganatra has decided to call time on his role in EastEnders.

Carmel [Bonnie Langford] will be heartbroken! Unless, of course, she decides to go with him…

Nitin, who has played Masood Ahmed for nine years, will leave the soap later this year but his character won’t be killed off.

“So who knows? Maybe one day Masood will be back,” says Nitin.

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Masood is leaving Walford – but will he go alone?

“Nitin has been a wonderful addition to the cast for the past nine years and we wish him all the best for the future,” says an EastEnders spokesperson.

Masood is a character devoted to his family, but Kamil is the only one of his children who hasn’t grown up and flown the nest.

Shabnam [Rakhee Thakrar] is making a life for herself with her daughter, Tamwar [Himesh Patel] is seeing the world with Nancy Carter [Maddy Hill] and Syed [Marc Elliott] is living in domestic bliss with Jane Beale’s brother Christian Clarke [John Partridge].

While Masood has been talking about going travelling, EastEnders haven’t confirmed if this is how he actually departs.

So Masood could end up being part of another character’s departure… It has recently been announced that Ronnie Mitchell [Sam Womack], Roxy Mitchell [Rita Simons], Lee Carter [Danny-Boy Hatchard], Les and Pam Coker [Roger Sloman and Lin Blakley], Buster Briggs [Karl Howman] and Sonia Fowler [Natalie Cassidy] are leaving Walford in the next few months.

EastEnders fans have been tweeting their disappointment at the news and Nitin has responded:

EastEnders  continues on BBC1, Monday, September 5, 8.00pm.

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