Shakil and Bex take things to the next level!

Nervous teens Shakil and Bex turn up the heat on their budding romance in EastEnders...

Shakil lets his paranoia get the better of him when he sees Bex chatting to Louise in Albert Square. Convinced his girlfriend has lost interest in him, the 16-year-old opens up to Kush.

With his brother encouraging him to talk to his girlfriend about his feelings, Shakil finally grabs Bex for a chat in the cafe. It’s not long before everything i’s out in the open – including just how smitten they are with each other.

The young couple decide it’s time to take things to the next level. Shakil insists he’ll find a way to get his mum Carmel out of the house for their BIG date on Friday. Will they have the nerve to follow through?