Aaron feels paranoid about Robert and Rebecca

It's Aaron Dingle's birthday, but he's feeling far from happy about Robert's shifty behaviour in Emmerdale

Birthday boy Aaron Dingle is annoyed when Robert seems to have forgotten all about him in Emmerdale!

When his other half slopes off to work, rather than stay at home to celebrate, Aaron’s secretly simmering, but it gets worse when he learns his fiance has arranged to meet Rebecca rather than go out for a meal with him. What’s Robert playing at?

Aaron’s day goes from bad to worse when Chas reveals Liv saw Robert and Rebecca cuddling and Chrissie also can’t resist sticking her oar in when she tells him that Robert will only cheat on him, just as he did when he was married to her.

As Aaron’s paranoia goes into overdrive, will Robert be able to explain himself? So much for a Happy Birthday!